Fostering Excellence in Hospitality

Join us for a night of festivities as we celebrate the very best of Auckland’s hospitality industry.


2018 is the sixteenth time that the Auckland Lewisham Hospitality Awards have been held. The awards are organized by a dedicated committee of industry professionals. The Lewisham Foundation is grateful to the volunteer committee for their hard work and are extremely fortunate that over the last fifteen years, a number of the original committee members still contribute.

The Lewisham Awards (named after Richard Lewisham, who was a pioneer of the Auckland hospitality scene) were established in 2002 with the main objective to encourage excellence in the city's hospitality community. With this in mind, the best in the business are nominated and honoured by their peers once a year followed by an after party to celebrate this success.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate and vote for our Hospitality Superstars in this year's Lewisham Awards. There are just a few rules and guidelines in place to make sure everyone has a fair chance.

What are the cut off dates for nominations and voting? Nominations must be made and received no later than 5pm, Sunday 21st April 2019. The top four nominees in each category will be announced on Tuesday 7th May and can be voted for from this time until 5pm, Tuesday 21st May 2019 when the voting closes. Finalists from the first round of nominations will be contacted with further details.

Who is allowed to vote? This is an industry only event. Hospitality employees, establishment owners and suppliers to the industry are permitted to vote who live in the Auckland region. Any person who votes who is outside of the industry will have their invalid votes removed.

How many votes can I / my establishment submit? Individuals can submit a maximum of one nomination forms or establishments can submit a maximum of five nomination forms. No establishment, group or individual is entitled to nominate or vote for themselves in any category in the 2018 Lewisham Awards. Invalid votes will be removed.

How many categories do I need to vote for? There is no restriction on the number of categories you need to vote for, but it is preferable for you to vote in 10 or more categories.

Is there a stand down period for previous winners? There is a one year stand down for previous winners in each category, i.e. a person or establishment cannot win two years in a row. The previous year's winners will be identified on the voting forms under each category. This is to ensure that no votes are wasted by voting for them again during their one year stand down period.

The Lewisham Awards is an R18 event Thank you for coming to the Lewisham Awards nomination voting page. There are just a few rules in place to make sure everyone has a fair chance.

**Tickets are on sale from the 1st April 2019
**The Lewisham Awards is an R18 event