Outstanding Barista

This years' Meadow Fresh Outstanding Barista is passionate about their craft. They are professional and consistent in the taste and presentation of coffee. They understand their customers and whilst they display great technical skills: it is their customer's skills that set them apart from the others, because we know if the customers are consistently served great coffee, they will be back.

Meadow Fresh milk is permeate free, meaning that it has higher protein year round** - and when put to the test with independent research agency Colmar Brunton, 7 out of 10 baristas preferred Meadow Fresh Original milk over Anchor Original milk for making coffee*. Meadow Fresh can confidentially say that its milk helps baristas push coffee perfection further and create the perfect flat white.

* Source: Colmar Brunton, 2017, Project Barista, N=31

** 25% more protein than minimum standards averaged annually

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